Essay On The Movie Coraline

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In terms of plot, the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is extremely true to the source material. It still tells the story of a young girl who grows unappreciative of her real family and finds a magical door in her new home that leads to a better, fantastical version of the family she has now. The creepiness and scary moments are also true to form, with this world being only a copy of the real world, created by the Other Mother in an attempt to trap Coraline forever. The quest to rescue the three ghost children is almost exactly the same, with two of their souls being found in Miss Spink and Forcible’s theater and Mr. B’s circus. But since the movie added a scene in which an enticing garden is used as an item to gain Coraline’s trust in the Other Mother’s fake world, one of the ghost souls was placed in this location instead. Another major difference between the book and the movie is the addition of the character Wybie. He acts as a source of inside knowledge about The Pink Palace and helps kill the Other Mother’s hand at the climax of the movie, while in the book Coraline gathered her information about her home from her parents as well as Miss Spink and Forcible, and killed the Other Mother’s hand by tricking it rather than crushing it. The use of stop motion animation was also a benefactor in bringing this terrifying story to a visual format, as stop motion tends to look uncanny and unsettling at times. Both works are masterpieces of writing and storytelling, and
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