Essay On The Origin Of Native American Culture

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Origins of Native American Culture The disadvantages of farming without metal tools were compounded by the absence of the plow, the wheel, and large domesticated mammals. Like much of Africa, isolation and local conditions in the Americas produced an agriculture that relies solely on hoes and digging sticks. Could stone tools, hoes come and wooden cultivation sticks proficient enough to generate the needed food surpluses to produce great cities? Such restrictions on food production again raises the question of how civilization could have developed under such conditions. The fact that civilization did develop in the Americas, therefore requires some explanation (Wellach, 191). Just when the human history of the Americas actually began is the…show more content…
Taking advantage of their privileged position as lawmakers, English landlords and the leaders of corporate towns met in Parliament to pass the Statue of Laborers in 1351, which froze wages at a pre-1347 level, before the Black Death had killed so many workers. In this manner, England's wealthy hoped to freeze the cost of their luxuries. English peasants that survived the Bubonic Plague thought they had God's protection. Although they could not leave the village of their birth, according to federal law, they began to move to a lord's estate willing to pay more for their…show more content…
Still, these Native American cultures existed on a time scale of their own; their technology, placing them more in the ancient era rather than in the middle years of world history. The most common lifestyle of those natives living north of the Rio Grande was surviving as small bands of hunters. These nomadic people followed the practices of the first natives that had explored most of North America between 10000 and 1500 BCE. They established communities from the shores of California to the deep woodlands of the Carolinas, the roaming communities utilizing whatever the land
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