Essay On The Pardoner's Tale

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The moral that the Pardoner and Chaucer want us to draw from the tale is that there exist two different morals throughout the story. The pardoner instead used his own tale of the three rioters, they could even illuminate them and their love and money could even lead to death. Chaucer uses the Canterbury Tales and the Pardoner's Tale and they would expose the church and they even said that it was corrupt. Chaucer also wants to let us know that anyone could be rude or evil even members of the church. They want us to know about the Pardoner, they use his own tale of the three rioters and they mention the fact that they were wanting money and the money would leave them to death. The Pardoner and Chaucer want us to persuade the fact that you must…show more content…
They all want the money so they were thinking on different ways to separate it. They also said that that the money came by easy to them so they could spend it fast anyway they wanted “And lightly as it comth, so wol we spende.” ( I. 781) They had said that the gold was a great quantity to be divided but they were extremely greedy to share it between them as told “here is gold, and that a full great quantity,” (I. 811) One of the rioters decided he would go buy some food and whine to celebrate. While he was gone the other two rioters were thinking on some ways on getting rid of the other rioter. Little did they know that once the rioter was out he was also coming up with his own smart plan. The third rioter which was the one who went down to get the wine bottles but poison on two of them. “This poison is strong and violent,” (I. 867) He was looking forward to killing them. Their plan was to stab him to death and they did, but they didn’t know that the other rioter was also smart he had poisoned the wine. At the end they all ended up dead because they were greedy and they did not want to
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