Essay On The Potato Famine

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When the Potato Famine struck Ireland, in 1845 about one million of the Irish immigrated to the United States. Most were severely poor, and were suffering from sickness from diseases, and starvation. These famine immigrants were one of the first giant floods of foreigners to come to the United States and it was very stressful for Americans. “ The Irish left their country due to diseases completely ruining their potato crops (which is known as the Potato Famine), and it left millions of their people without food, which led them to starve. It killed over a million people and brought up a lot of anger towards the British since they barely provided any help towards to Irish. When the Irish arrived, the saw how tough their lives were going…show more content…
The problem was that those Canadian ships were not built for passenger travel and were in such terrible conditions. The passengers on those boats ended up going through hell because of those conditions. “Coffin ships” is what the Canadian ships became known as because so many of the people of those ships died during their journey. Many of the immigrants were kept in quarantine as well due to the fevers they had. “Hundreds of poor people, men, and women, and children of all ages, from the driveling idiot of ninety to the babe just born; huddled together without light, without air, wallowing in filth and breathing a fetid atmosphere, sick in body, dispirited in heart…; the fevered patients lying between the sound in sleeping spaces so narrow as almost to deny them the power of indulging by a change in position, the natural restlessness of the diseased; by their agonized raving distributing those around them and predisposing them, through the effects of imagination, to imbibe the contagion; living without food or medicine expect as administered by the hand of casual charity; dying without the voice of spiritual consolation, and buried in the deep without the rites of the church” (Steven de
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