Essay On The Power Of Civil Disobedience

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The Core of American Freedoms have always been incorporated within the wills of the people. So pounded into today's society of younger population that we are free to choose our own paths and morals is all fundamentally linked to the practice of civil disobedience. If we don't agree with a law, we protest it. Civil disobedience as a whole in the long-run has shown to be a positive power that has moved our government and society for the better.
Travelling back thorough our history books we see the power of civil disobedience that has survived to tell it's story to this day. January 16th 2017 was the most recent celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. A civil rights activist renowned for fighting for African American rights. Not just a day to get off of work or school but a day to remember the battles and struggles this country faced to end segregation. Martin Luther King himself was arrested over twenty times and was assaulted on four accounts. Still he was recognized with the Nobel peace prize on 1964. Rewarded for standing up for what he believed in he took on the greatest American ideal.
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With the country a product of breaking laws to fight for whats right it is seen in our cultures ideals time and time again. The Boston Tea party, 1773, was one of the many acts that lead to the revolutionary war that created the country itself as a separate entity from Great Britain. The Woman's suffrage movement beginning 1848 having hundreds of women arrested for protesting for their right to vote. Environmental groups looking to end deforestation all stand up for what they believe in. The heart of the matter is that people have the right to stand up for what they believe in, and if they don't, It's there duty to attain that
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