Essay On The Progressive Movement

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Since 1880, reform movements have been an important part of United States history. One of these movements was the Progressive movement in the 1890s, and it played a crucial role in American society. Various historical circumstances and situations led to the formation of this movement. Many actions were fulfilled in support of one main goal. This movement largely improved America for the better, and made lives better as well. All in all, the Progressive movement was a significant era that truly impacted America, and Americans. Multiple historical circumstances had led to the Progressive movement. For instance, in Upton Sinclair’s book, “The Jungle,” it describes the brutal and horrendous working conditions immigrant employees endured. This includes…show more content…
The goal of the Progressive movement was to advance American society and make life better by making others aware of problems in society. Several actions were taken to accomplish this goal. For example, both working and living conditions were dreadful, and something had to be done. This prompted people to expose the negative aspects in America and make society better as a whole. These types of people were called “muckrakers,” who focus attention on social conditions by searching out and publicly exposing corruption, misconduct, and delinquency of people or businesses. One of these actions taken was taking photographs of these conditions. Jacob Riis took photographs of the conditions of tenements (where poor people were forced to live) in his book, “How the Other Half Lives.” The photos illustrated how these poor families were living in such cramped and dirty conditions. His motivation for capturing these pictures was to show wealthy people how horrifying this truly was. In addition, from 1908 to 1912, another photographer, Lewis Hine took his camera across America to photograph children as young as three years old working for long hours, often under dangerous conditions, in factories, mines, and fields. Overall, the actions taken by Riis and Hine contributed to the Progressive
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