Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Watching A Movie Vs Watching At Home

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Going to watch a movie or watching at home really only boils down to personal preference. The film industry is so vast, there are so many different genres as well as ways to access these films. The destination in which someone wants to watch a particular film depends on what they want out of their own movie watching experience. There are pros and cons to going to watch a movie as well as watching at home. Regarding screen-size, going to watch a movie typically means larger and better quality screens than one might have at their own home. These large screens allow the viewers to completely immerse themselves into the film itself. Watching a movie on a 30 to 90-foot movie theater screen or even a 20-foot projector at an outdoor movie can sound much more appealing than watching on a 40 to 60-inch television. However, this is all proportionally based on how far away the viewer is from the screen, theaters are designed to fit the views their customers will be watching from, but outdoor movies and living room setups are not always as technically proportioned. Outside there may only be room left farther away from the screen leading to a less desirable movie viewing experience, and in one’s own living room it may not be set up in a way that allows for pleasurable movie viewing, for example, their television may be too small for how far away their couch is. Regardless, the way movie theaters are set up limits the distractions one may have while watching in theaters.
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