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Name Professor’s name Course Date, Film Paper: The “Red Queen”
The Red Queen is a documentary made by the Discovery channel. It tells about a study of ancient remnants of the Maya woman. She was buried honorably, like an important member of the ruling dynasty. Researchers did not ascertain the woman’s identity, but provided enough evidences to suggest she was Tzakbu Ajaw, the wife of Pakal II, one of the greatest Maya rulers, who headed the government of Palenque. The movie also provided insights in the women’s role in ancient Maya life.
The movie portrays the woman as a noble person. Her tomb and used mortuary ceremonies were similar to procedures that were applied to king’s bodies. Red Queen was around 50-60 years old when she died. Woman’s teeth showed she had a high quality diet, but it did not save her from abscesses in the mouth. Red Queen had children, and several pregnancies could be a possible cause of her osteoporosis. Despite the condition, scientists did
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They showed the society had strict gender roles. Women were its important part, but they often played only second roles as mothers and wives of rulers, who give them male successors. Their positions were not limited by these duties; for example, Maya believed women can contact with ancestors, when they sacrifice their blood. They also admitted females’ intelligence and ability to make decisions, if they existed. Women were not prohibited from the throne, but Maya did not like such derogation from traditions and chose them as rulers only it was the only way to maintain the kingdom. So they often stayed in charge as “grey cardinals”. This role was chosen by Sak K’uk’, the mother of Pakal II and one of the potential identities of the Red Queen. She could not come into throne, so she named her son for this post, when he was 12 years old. Sak K’uk’ ruled the country openly without any complains from Pakal and other noble people until her
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