Essay On The Relationship Between George And Lennie

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Everyone have that unconditional friendship with someone dear to you. Even if that person is nothing like you or don’t like the same stuff etc, if those two people have trust on each other and care for each other, that type of things don’t matter. Is true that opposite poles always stick together right. As unusual it seems to be you always get attach to that one person that is the opposite of you. Is funny how George and Lennie are best friends yet so different from each other. George is that smart one, responsible, and gives out the orders. He is a small guy, short-tempered but caring friend who always looking after Lennie. Lennie has mental disability, he depends on your George for guidance and protection. This two been friends from way back, they always been together and trouble together. They both look out for each other. Even if Lennie always doing something bad, George will always get him out trouble. George thinks his life will be easier without having to take care…show more content…
Sometimes you can become with the most unexpected person because they will be the opposite of you. It nice having someone whom you can talk to and do things with. LIke having that one friend that will always would be there for you no matter what. Even if both person have different personalities they can still share some of their interest with each other. They both can learn new things or have different experiences. There are people that don’t get along because of the fact that they have same personality and that makes it hard for them to be around each other. Is like trying to put together same side poles, is not going to work because they’re the same. If both of them have been friends for the longest and they been friends for the longest, they would probably got used to it. Nobody wants to be alone, everyone want a friend even if they drive them crazy or always having to help get out of
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