Essay On The Relevance Of The Us Constitution

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1. Video: “The Relevance of the U.S. Constitution” o o Former President Obama discusses the relevance of the U.S. Constitution with the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps. The students ask the President a variety of questions and he discusses the importance of the constitution and how the government has to withhold certain rules, freedoms, and rights of the people in today’s society. o I love this video because the reporters are young students and former President Obama delivers information in a professional and relatable manner. This video helps students make meaningful connections to what they learned in the text to their own lives. After students watch…show more content…
He describes what is expected of society and how the newly written Constitution promote the lasting welfare of the country. o This letter provides students to analyze a piece of nonfiction as a primary resource for someone who lived and was part of the Constitution process. Students are exposed to the written style, tone, and vocabulary from another time period. The rich vocabulary gives students an opportunity to decode and describe the letter in their own words. o Letter source: Literature Responses 1. We the People: The Story of Our Constitution Written by Lynne Cheney, Illustrated by Greg Harlin o To encourage a reading response to this text, I will implement grand discussion and debate. We will first read the text together as a whole, in pairs, and independently. We will discuss each man who was a part of writing the Constitution came up with arguments to convey their stand on the subject. We will talk about the difference between persuasive and argumentative text. We will talk about when each should be used. We will talk about our need for a “Classroom Constitution.” Students will be assigned to groups to discuss their ideas about how our classroom will run. Each group will choose a leader to represent them to the class to show their ideas to the class before we vote on a Classroom Constitution.
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