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The Renaissance was a period of a drastic change in European history. Renaissance, meaning “re-birth”, was a time of intellectual excitement, when art and literature grew and groundbreaking scientific developments were made. The time before the Renaissance was commonly named as the Middle Ages which lasted from 500 C.E to 1350. The European culture started to change when peasants started to be more self-sufficient, movement called humanism started, and so one. This starts to leads to the of question “How did the Renaissance change European’s perspective of the world and themselves?”. There may have been many ways of how the European’s perspective of themselves and others changed, but one of the clearest evidence of the outbreak of the Renaissance…show more content…
For example, the constellation of stars called aries and ram controlled the head part of the body. This shows, people had a narrow idea of the human body. So, they depended on the zodiac symbols. Later on, came Andreas Vesalius who worked on human anatomy and revolutionized the scientific world. Research was done by Vesalius, who dissected human corpses to get a better explanation of the human body. The difference between the Middle Ages way of theory of the human body and the Renaissance’s, was that the Middle Ages were superstitious and illiberal. Whereas Vesalius took his time to dissect human corpses and see how the human body worked. Regarding this, he wrote an influential book on human anatomy with the title of “On the Fabric of the Human Body.” With this in mind, not only did he go to great lengths to obtain human remains to study but he also created and developed medicine for man-kind.
Concluding, the main ways the Renaissance changed European’s perspective of themselves and the world were visual arts, Ptolemy’s and Copernicus’ theories of the universe and the human body. There may be more, but these are the key reason that changed European's perspective of themselves and the
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He made a theory of the universe that was adopted to many of the scholars of the Middle Ages. This theory was called “The geocentric universe of Ptolemy” Based on this, his theory meant that the universe was revolving around the Earth, and Earth was the center of everything. This rtheory was also strongly agreed by the Catholic churches and popes of the time. Later on, the polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus lived from 1473-1543. This was almost 150 years after the Middle Ages ended. Based on his mathematics, he developed a very different understanding of the universe from Ptolemy. His theory was called “The heliocentric universe of Copernicus.” According to Copernicus’ Theory, the sun is the center and the earth is going around it. The idea of Copernicus’ theory was upsetting to the church. What explains this is the church has been backing up Ptolemy’s theory and declaring it to everyone. So when Copernicus brought up this idea with detail and mathematical backup, people started to doubt the church, and what they have been saying. Even though the catholic churches had respect for Copernicus and his idea, till a wave of Protestant opposition led the church to ban Copernicus’ idea, Ways Copernicus influenced the way people thought about a man’s place in the universe was it brought up ideas like orbit, revolve,
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