Essay On The Revival Of Commerce

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The Revival of Commerce London in the Twelfth Century Known as one of the most renowned and famed cities in the world at that time, was London, Kingdom of the English. It was held high for its immense wealth as well as its wide spread trade. For the people had much to be proud of including their religion. Said to not only withstand forces, honor its people but also aid in sports activities. There was known to be several forms of businesses used at that time such as; sellers, contractors, whom did various business in the morning. Others also would include; wine sellers, public cooks, who would have different eateries for sale. For example they would sell something different for each season. While in the suburb, a small field, held fun…show more content…
But there is also a boat on standby to recover those who fall and people watch in the distance. Through summer more festivities are to commence, where all the youth take part in. From various different acts such as; dancing, shooting, wrestling, casting the stone, and jousting. While the ladies take part by dancing for as long as they can. In, winter they set the animals to fight. Before dinner, the boars are set the fight or else they bring in other animals like bulls or bears. The Regulation of Craft Guild To start off, they would find a wax candle to burn before the Lady in the Church of Allhallows, by the London wall. Then each person of the trade shall put a sum they think is fair in the box, to help the maintaining of the candle. But by chance one of the person’s in the trade would fall into poverty, he should be able to earn money from the box each week to gain money. If they also would be an honorable person, after their death, if they have a good wife she will get weekly support from the box as long as she is single. There is no stranger allowed to be a part of said trade, or a man to be admitted from the city. No one should also, steal a servant of another work, unless they ask their original master for permission. Or if one of the person’s in the deal are not able to finish it, the trade should help them to not lose any progress. Just like if a person of the
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