Essay On The Revolution Of 1968

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Renown as one of the three important turning points of our modern world-system besides the long sixteenth century as a capitalist world-economy; and the French Revolution of geoculture for this world-system, one that was dominated by centrist liberalism; and the world revolution of 1968, which presaged the long terminal phase of the modern world system in which we find ourselves and which undermined the centrist liberal geoculture that was holding the world-system together. At the same time, the undeniable predicaments that the revolution was met by the upholders of the system enabled the World Revolution of 1968 to be lost in uprisals failing to bring about the change that it set out to achieve.

May 1968 was the most advanced movement of an exceptional year of struggle that remains a high-point of the post-WWII era. Hopes and possibilities were raised high - yet the revolution never came, even though the idea of revolution (though often limited and confused) was a part of the general ferment and atmosphere in a way that seems extraordinary now, looking back from where we
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Initiated the successful rebellion against Soviet-bloc communism in 1989. Thus, the relevance of the World Revolution of 1968 is undeniable although short-lived the uprisal it did cast a spell of enlightenment that set on a slow evolutionary road leading us to where we are today. The Youth initiated movements of 1968 revolution aiming at a new world, a new society beyond the borders of ideological conflicts that was suffocating the world extended bases of freedom. The fundamental features being breaking the rules within a political culture that strengthened the civil society to craft a new attitude to the happenings of the wide
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