Essay On The Secret Of Humanity

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Humanity is a term that is used to describe essential characteristics of a human’s nature. When most people think of humanity, they would think of it as having the emotional right to feel for others, compassion and morally good behaviors. While I do agree with this, in regard to this film, I view humanity as the total opposite. With the world evolving and changing every day, the definition of humanity has no exact answer. I would align the broad term of humanity with the phrase “survival of the fittest,” meaning that a person would do anything it takes to survive in this world. In the film The Secret of NIMH, it uses various animals to show many different perspectives of humanity that people have on a human’s nature. While characters such…show more content…
This is very uncommon for a small animal such as herself to be doing alone, especially with a huge cat by the name of Dragon lurking nearby. These actions alone demonstrate the depth of risks that she would take in order to save her children and her home. By her going out of her way to protect her loved ones, this shows the loving and determined characteristics she has as a mother which could possibly be described as being humane.
Another character that many people may say have various aspects of humanity is Sullivan. Personally, Sullivan is a very interesting character in my opinion. Sullivan is Jenner’s gullible, reluctant sidekick and temperamental pushover. Although he may seem very vulnerable, Jenner has a significant identity of his own. For example in the scene where the rats of NIMH were in the council chamber discussing their ideas about relocating to Thorn Valley, Sullivan was very intense and passionate about his opinions and he was not afraid to robustly voice them at all. I would also describe Sullivan’s position in this movie as an anti-villain due to his nervous and hesitant reactions when he and Jenner concocts the plan to kill Nicodemus. Jenner takes full advantage of Sullivan’s weakness and manipulates him until Sullivan has change of mind during the act of killing Nicodemus. Many people could argue that Sullivan’s neutral position and his change of heart in order to do the right thing justifies that he
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