Essay On The Sequencing Of The Human Genome

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The sequencing of the human genome involves the vision of an advanced medical science and academic research. Nowadays, genetic databases are making a loud noise to easily determine the relationships between lifestyle, environmental exposures, and genetic diseases. These databases large lean on collective data in contribution to genetic information and research materials that deal with the genetic cases of diseases. For the reason that genetic databank has a great potential of massive profit and technologic advancements that could improve our understanding of a range of diseases, private companies seek to get access to these genetic databanks of patients. However, this research can only proceed with consideration of the ethical, legal and…show more content…
Ethical principles for the prospective use of human genetic material and data have been introduced in several European countries. The British Clinical Genetics Society and the Danish Council of Ethics said that the quality assurance of these tissues in the biobanks are assured in the governing rules of the regional bodies but solely depend on the boards of each institution. One of the examples in the Data Surveillance Authority in Denmark which has the sovereignty over its genetic banks which was created in 1996. The Health Council of the Netherlands publicly announced the recommendation that human material cannot be stored ‘without a good reason’ (1994). In 1996, France authorized that no institution nor any person could get samples with the motivation that has a collection of human genome or use and in a way, the samples taken if they have not informed the legal authority in concerned thereof . On the other note, the very arising issue in the economic factor of the storage and collection of there biobanks has been opened up with only a few talks and did not receive much of an importance in general . Recently, numbers of recent “charitable trusts” turns the focus on the economic and political aspects that should be considered in connection to issues that are mainly associated to this like ethical, legal and social factors. According to several researchers, there is no objective
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