Essay On The Seven Years War

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The Seven Years War marked a huge turning point in American History, as it changed the outlook of the British, making them branch away from their salutary neglect, and convinced the Americans for Independence as the British started changing their way of enforcing taxes and laws. The War changed the people's opinions in both Europe and America. Americans started to despise the British, while the British started to resent the colonists because they did not help with paying the war. The changes and similarities that occurred before and after the war led to a more enforced government, as Salutary Neglect was forgotten, led to resentment towards each other as the British thought the war debt was left to be paid by the colonists, and became a turning point as colonists started to struggle against Britain's imperial balance of power in North America and the continuity of Native Americans fighting for their land.
Before the Seven Years war Salutary Neglect was a lax rule for British, and it allowed the colonists to develop their own way of life.
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For example, during the War, Britain came to North America to help the Colonists defeat the French and Indians. After Britain won the war, they were given lots of land from France in the Peace of Paris including Canada, East of Mississippi River, and Florida. By gaining the land they became one the of the greatest colonial powers in the world. However, with that much land they did not know what to do with it, especially with the enormous war debt preventing them from spending more money on protecting the land. Britain started to realize the war debt needs to be paid. Many of the British thought Colonists should pay for at least some of it, but the colonists thought it was unfair to tax them. Britain started adding new taxes, as mentioned before, which led to the colonists resenting England. The resentment lasted for years until the United States broke free away from
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