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The Spanish Main, Peter Wood, Chicago: 1930, 171 Pages The Spanish Main, tales of conquest and ruthlessness throughout the area of the Gulf of Mexico. The Spanish Main is full of descriptive events that help tell the story of this area. Through events of struggle and torture people had to endure as well as the rulers of the time. The Spanish Main is an eventful book that doesn't pause very often and definitely does not disappoint. It starts with the story of the Aztecs and the loss of their empire by Cortes. This is where we get the in depth details in the cruelties of the Spanish rulers, such as burning people slowly, and amputating people's limbs. Although the book can be cruel and put strange and almost horrific images in your head the excitement from the Spanish Main just does not make putting the book down very easy. The Spanish Main is in no way scary as it may sound it is just the reality of battle, war, and conquest of the times to give an accurate image of what was occurring at the time in this area, including methods used around the world that really give a sense of what the time period was like. With good must come bad, the main problem with this book is that it was written like a textbook it goes straight to the point giving factual information ruining the feel that a book can really give someone by sucking the reader into it. The…show more content…
The story leads you into a new event every page and keeps you reading. Wood accomplished what he was trying to get at. Although it may not interest some, that the book is written textbook structure, but this seems to be what he trying mainly to make more of an informational book with a hint of a storyline to it. Looking into the illustrations you can see how his use of blueprints and diagrams was informational, but parts of the book were to be interpreted as a story. Wood definitely nailed what he was going for and I am curious to see what his other stories have to
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