Essay On The Speech Of The Apple Iphone 8 And X

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The speech of the Apple iPhone 8 and X

I have never heard someone who do not know about Apple iPhone in my experience, however, does it deserve to be that much popular? “Apple recently reported revenue of $74.6 billion and a mind-blowing $18 billion in profits for signal quarter, which is the largest quarterly earnings of any company ever” (Elgan Mike). In other words, Apple makes more money than any company ever in the world. The speech of the new Apple iPhone significantly impacts on modern human society; however, the impact of the new iPhone is not a permanent condition.
The impact of the Apple iPhone is huge in modern human society. A part of the reasons, the Apple has an excellent advertisement system. As an example, when the Apple announced the new iPhone, the presenter of Apple emphasized the new advanced technology and function. Also, the presenter explained the new Apple iPhone using the big screen behind the presenter. Therefore, the people who are interested in the new Apple iPhone more likely to visualize the new iPhone more easily. After the Apple announced new products, the Apple posts videos on the top of the YouTube home website to describe the new function of Apple iPhone. Therefore, I think that many people who watch YouTube more likely to watch the Apple iPhone YouTube videos. It is obvious that the Apple has the biggest impact in the world any other smartphone company. In my experience, most of my friends in Green River College have an Apple iPhone. It is really rare to have another company smartphone.
In the past half century, a lot of new advanced technology has developed after World War 2. In my opinion, I do not prefer the advanced technology and function so much. For this reason, I believe that the advanced technology could be ruined our life in the future. For example, when we developed the radioactive by the scientists, it seemed like an excellent advanced technology at that time, however, we used the technology as a nuclear bomb. As a result, many people have been killed by the nuclear bombs. Therefore, a great deal of attention has been paid to the different issues such as global warming or rising sea levels which are generated by the advanced technology right now. In fact,

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