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The Stranger Essay The Stranger by Albert Camus is an analysis of the human psychosis if it was isolated and apathetic. Throughout the story, our protagonist, Meursault, tells the story of his life after his mother’s death and his experiences with everyday routines. Meursault explains to the reader only the surface of what he is feeling; despite that, as a reader, one is able to view his mind directly and closely. Meursault has all the power in this book because it is his life and mind. He is able to put things in his own perspective, not one’s. As the reader vicariously moves through Meursault’s world, we see how he interacts with others, despite his indifference with interacting with society. Being around characters such as Marie or…show more content…
That is why his need for Marie is important; she is an uncomplicated passage to the world for Meursault. They seem to be similar people as they live uneventful lives. For the times he mentions Marie, one can conclude she is for being youthful and enjoying simple pleasures such as swimming and sex, like Meursault. She desires marriage and romance to which Meursault agrees to as he does not mind for her sake. He enjoys her company yet is not deeply attached to her; it is nothing deeper than just casual sex and conversation, which helps the reader infer how one desires to not be lonely. The next person Meursault tells us about is a beastly man named Raymond. Raymond is presented as a brusque personality with a short stout and a temper to match. He comments that it is a shame that old Salamano hits his dog yet beats his girl like a dog misbehaving. Raymond is a compromising character from what a reader can gather from Meursault's point of view. He speaks of his struggles with his girl, who may or may not be a prostitute, and throughout chapter III he goes on about himself, perhaps to explain himself so he is not judged by Meursault. Often when Raymond asks for Meursault's assistance, Meursault is contempt in doing whatever is asked. Meursault says what he thinks and follows his own laws of limitation which is shocking to society. Meursault seems to identify with Ray’s brutish and frank character as a normality trait for humans. Raymond beats up anyone who has wronged
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