Essay On The Tragic Hero In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Many people would say that The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a tragedy. In this play the tragic events that happened in salem liked being accused for a witch and hung for it is connected to what happened in mccarthyism era. In this Joe Mccarthy accused politicians and higher power people of being communist. Those accused in both salem and the Mccarthy era were treated with harsh consequences and even death with no way to defend themselves.
Every play is normally split into two categories tragedy and comedy. The elements in this play, The Crucible shows that this is a tragedy. In this we have John Proctor as the tragic hero. His tragic flaw and the appearance versus reality in salem.A tragic hero must be good but with a flaw. Proctor shows he is good when he pushes Abigail away when she tries to tempt him. He also tries to help his friends and defend them. A tragic hero is also superior john shows that he is in this play when he realizes his sins when most of the
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The witch trials started with Abigail being jealous and the other girls being bored. This led them to the woods to dance where abigail attempted to drink a charm to kill elizabeth proctor before they were discovered by paris. When they return one of the girls is pretending to be bewitched in bed. To continue the story the girls blame Tituba and say she bewitched her. After that it was a chain reaction of blaming people of witchcraft to save their life or for personal revenge parris was accusing people for land. This accusing for witchcraft when every personal vendetta a person had for another would be brought up as witchcraft and possibly death.

The events that happened in salem shows that this is a tragic play. It has the elements of a tragic hero (John Proctor) with a flaw that leads to his demise.This play and in the events that happened in the mccarthy era that were well explained and connected by Arthur Miller tells us the tragedy that happened in these
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