Essay On The Value Of America

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We have a habit of ours, to resist. Suffering, injustice, persecution, cruel is not to resist such a resistance against us even none at all. Try to understand, to grasp the essence of the matter, and to see the realities of our resistance is very large. It's just funny. We have the power but we use our strength, our ability to decide where I don't have the right. Now the whole world, all the values, all have become a common value of humanity, all world heritage site has been the legacy of all mankind. Having different cultures and races live together during the historical process of the community and all communities have a significant problem to be overcome. America has been the focus of attention of immigrants a long time ago. The United States is the first…show more content…
As an extension of the concept of love of Mevlana's tolerance language, religion and race are motivated by a difference of tolerance. Since he sees humanity as a sine qua non for tolerance of life, believes that can be present in every human being. This is the nature of all religions, beliefs, thoughts, opinions and opens because love is the first created according to Rumi. Every creature is a spark of love, the greatest of all beings, and the Supreme God is right in lodging reunion. The indispensable counts "Glorified behavior" intolerances. Especially Mevlena's perspective; respect, love, and love. This human quality cannot occur. In building multi-cultural tolerance and living in the world of this important example is the United States. The thing is; the concept of multiculturalism with the notion of moral values has changed. Some say the other immoral lifestyle, philosophy of life, and living format so cohabitation is harder. As a result, need more tolerance. The social life that can keep up with the tolerance of the event continued, without tolerance and over time the community is
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