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I believe that the War of 1812 was a continuation of the American war for independence. Even though the Americans had beaten the British is the revolution, and gained their independence politically the British still controlled much of American trade and commerce. They also were found to be arming the Indians who lived in the Mid-West and thus impeding American expansion into Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. While the Revolution and War of 1812 were technically two different wars, the Americans were still fighting the British to prove their status as a nation. One of the big reasons for my belief that the war of 1812 is a continuation of the war for independence is that the British were forcing all neutral ships who were trading with France and her colonies to stop at British ports and get a license before moving on to…show more content…
While Brittan was fighting Napoleon the Royal Navy started to run out of sailors. They found that the best place to get more was to pick them from the ranks of the American merchant ships. This was called impressment, and is one of the most important reasons for the war of 1812. During war time, Brittan would have groups of soldiers who would go around and press random people and recruit them into the navy. There were certain people who were protected from this act if they were already involved in a maritime trade or didn’t have any experience on a ship. But even these people could be taken if they didn’t provide the proper paper work to officers. During the Napoleonic wars, the British started boarding American ships and searching for British deserters, when one was found he would be taken back to the British ship and be forced to serve under the British flag. As this continued the British started taking more and more sailors for their navy. Anyone who looked like a British or had an accent could be

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