Essay On The World Of Earth

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"Hold on Jack, we're being sucked down by the planet's gravitational pull." "Give it more power, Jess." “I already have it at full power, there isn't any more to give.” “I'm gonna engage the FTL, maybe that'll break us free!” "That might tear us apart if you engage the FTL." "I don't think we have a choice, Jack!" If we do nothing we might not make it out of here. Why don't we turn it towards the planet and try to land instead. I already sent out the distress message and activated the beacon. We can just wait it out on the surface until help arrives. “What if they don't find us and we're stuck on that damn planet for eternity?” "It's better than being stuck out here in space with a busted ship, added Jack." At least on the…show more content…
The ship suddenly slows and the vibrations from the hull subside. The pair no longer needs to shout at each other to be heard. "Whoa!" "What just happened, Jess?" "I dunno I'm just glad that we're out of those clouds. It seems that all the turbulence was coming from up there. Let's start looking for a place to land. I'm ready to step on some hard ground for a little while." Jack scans the surface for an open area where they can land. The two fly for several hundred miles over open water when they suddenly spot a land mass. "Look Jess, over there to the port." That looks like a beach of some kind. Maybe we can find a spot over there. Jess turns the ship towards the beach and heads inland to find a safe place to set down. “Jack, scan the surface for life forms.” I want to make sure that we set down in an uninhabited area. If there is life on this rock, I don't want to be a meal for whatever is lurking in the shadows. "Still afraid of the dark eh, - I don't think we'll find any slogs lurking around here, replied Jack with a smart-ass remark.” "I'm scanning now;" there's nothing coming up on the readouts. "Of course, that doesn't mean they're not hidden somewhere." Okay, sounds good - let's slow this thing down and see if we can't find a nice flat, open area to land on. "How about over
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