Essay On The Wraiths

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Anna carefully surveyed the quad outside the hall. She could still hear faint shouting coming from the town center where she assumed the wraiths were rounding up the rest of her people. Not seeing any wraiths in the area, she ran to the tree line, feeling safer in the cover of the trees. Putting the sun on her left, she ran north for a while until she began to hear birds and other wild life again.

Anna walked through the forest towards the Sanctuary, trying to shake off the pain from her wound. It didn’t seem like she’d lost too much blood, but she knew she needed to get it bandaged soon. As she walked, she tried to forget the horrors she had seen. Though the start of the festival had only been that morning, it seemed like days ago. The
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Scouts from the Sanctuary were supposed to restock the huts with food every few months, but it looked like they had been neglected in the past few years of tentative peace. There was a bag of nuts that she could try to eat, but it looked like any other food that may have been there had spoiled. There were some other supplies though, that she could use. She left her home with nothing but her mother’s dagger and the sun was giving way to what was shaping up to be a very cold night. Spying an old blanket, she tore it into thin strips and wrapped them tightly around her shoulder. They would help stop the bleeding until she reached the Sanctuary and could get it properly bandaged. She took one of the old hunting jackets from the shelf to help keep her warm and set up a makeshift bed from the remaining clothes. Closing the door, she locked herself in, trying to make it look like the hut hadn’t been disturbed. She went back to the small pile of rags and curled up on them, falling into a restless sleep.

Anna woke to sun light filtering through the cracks in the walls of the hut. Blinking to clear her sight, she could almost see daylight through the thin walls. Groaning, she pushed herself up and stretched her aching muscles. Her shoulder throbbed, but her improvised bandages had held up relatively well. The bleeding had mostly stopped, but she was still weak. She wished she’d paid more attention when her mother was trying to
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