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Trial Jury Essay Thoughtout the trial of the jury, I’ve saw all three characters stand against their case and try to defend their case. Even though, the character and defense attorney give great evidence against the reason on committing sin. The prosecutors did a well job of giving opposing side of the defendant. This caused me to wonder which out the the three characters committed the greatest sin. The First defendant, Hester Prynne was a wife of Roger Chillingworth. though her testimony, she gives a brief summary to concluded that he was irresponsible husband. Based on him just leaving Hester and getting drunk with his friends when he’s gone away. While that main thing that the defendants says, is that she committed this sin based on thinking that Chillingworth was dead. Thus, Hester went out with Dimmesdale unknowing that Chillingworth was still alive somewhere in the forest. This what makes Hester sin innocent that she made. Meanwhile, the prosecutor's states that she consistently doesn’t let Chillingworth see Peral and was trying to hide her sin from her real husband, even though it against the law to break one of the holy commandments. The Second defendant, Arthur Chillingworth was away from Hester for years. He did this in research in medicine with the Native…show more content…
Though it was a close tie with Hester. Dimmesdale knew that by participating in having sexual relationships with Hester was something that a reverend shouldn't be doing even if she didn’t had a husband in the first place. Dimmesdale as a reverend and having a special duty to follow the path of enlightenment and not to commit sin to make it heaven was a fail task for dimmesdale to do. The Temptation that Dimmesdale received on committing this sin was a challenge that Dimmesdale must face and walk away. But he committed this sin and he shall now face the consequences that he knew that the wrong thing to
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