Essay On Trump's Ethical Issues

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On Trump’s announcement to end DACA Imagine a world where innocent individuals were fearful of their livelihood and the livelihood of their families, always having to look over their shoulders and stay in the shadows to avoid having everything they know ripped out from underneath them. It has been prevalent in the media lately that the Trump administration has ended the DACA program. The general consensus is that this will positively affect our economy as a nation and decrease our unemployment rates astronomically due to the job market opening back up. However, the opposite might be the case. That is the world Trump will have the power to create if Congress doesn’t make a decision to keep the DACA program within the next…show more content…
Trump says that by ending DACA that he is opening up the job market to younger Americans, however, business leaders don’t believe this to be true (Gomez, 2017). One of the first, and most impactful results of the deletion of DACA to Texas as a whole, is the decline of the G.D.P. The current G.D.P. of Texas as of now is 1.639 trillion. If DACA were to be abolished, this could drop by several billions of dollars within a decade. A drop like this could negatively affect the stock market for Texas as well. The reason for this is the decline of the amount of workers in Texas, assuming they have either been deported or are working illegally and under the table. With hurricane season this year being in the not so distant future Texas is still in the process of rebuilding, and will be for quite a while. A good portion of the people helping to rebuild Houston happen to be DACA recipients. In fact, not only are there DACA recipients on the front lines helping rebuild a place where they may not even feel welcomed, they’re also afraid to reach out for help after the devastation for fear of deportation, they’d rather suffer in silence than risk it. With DACA standing for
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