Essay On Trust Me

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Oh boy, I haven't had any apple pie in weeks, mom. I promise my teacher I'd bring him a slice. JANE Have you forgotten we don't allow that particular fruit in here? PETE Your mom is right. Peach Cobbler, is our family's tradition. It has been that way for decades, son. James presses his lips together, scratches his head. Pete crosses over to the cabinet, retrieves a Crystal Ball. He places it on the table. A confused James becomes frantic. JAMES Where did that come from dad, I never notice it? PETE Did you bump your head because it wasn't a problem last night son? JAMES My head is fine dad, but my memory might be fading. JANE Don't worry son. Your mom has something that may help. Jane retrieves two pills from her purse. She…show more content…
Red cords hold San-Tan to a cross as she tosses and sways. She sweats with closed eyes. He runs to her, shakes her, but she remains sleep. JAMES Wake up, girl. Don't let the wizard consume you forever! San-Tan continues her actions. James sprays water in her face. She awakens, coughs, and regain her composure. SAN-TAN Thanks, those demons were about to stuff me and two turkeys with red fruits. My magic had also left me. James destroys her restraints. She waves her hand, becomes dry. JAMES You're welcome, but he'll pay for using my parents to swerve my feelings. I must face him now! James runs around in a circle until he's running fast, disappears. San-Tan's eyes widen. She jerks her hand. He reappears, becomes tense, and makes hand gestures. JAMES (CONTD) Why did you interfere? The wizard might be brainwashing Star-Child as we speak. SAN-TAN I might have a better way. A couple of his kin folks acts strangely sometimes. JAMES His relatives, we should be having each other's backs so why are you even mentioning them? SAN-TAN He had one more treacherous than himself. Our cause might benefit from it if we adhere to a plan. JAMES (ponders, smiles) That sounds fresh and just might slash our mental grinding. What did you've in mind alien? SAN-TAN (chuckles) Watch it earth-boy unless you want your head swimming in this girl's musical mind. Perhaps we— James and San-Tan formulate a
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