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The genre of rap was born from a simple experiment. On an August night in 1973, Dj Kool Herc decided during his sister’s back to school party to extend an instrumental and start “MCing” or rapping over the music. (PBS) This genre like many before it produced controversy that skyrocketed it into fame and popularity. No artist experienced the rap life more than Tupac “2Pac” Shakur. Tupac a seven time Grammy nominee among 12 other nominations for major awards along with 5 awards won including an American Music Award in 1997 for Favorite Rap/ Hip hop artist. Along with the awards Tupac won he ran the charts producing multiple chart topping R&B/ Hip hop albums throughout his career. Many consider Tupac to be a legend, a man that left an…show more content…
During this time Pac would write his own music and in 1991 signed a contract with Interscope Records. In 1992 Tupac would release his first studio album 2pacalypse Now that would reach #64 on the Pop charts and #13 on the R&B charts. Along with this album sparked Tupac’s first hit Brenda’s Got a Baby (peaked at #11 on Hot 100 R&B/ Hip hop charts). When reviewed by Source Magazine the album was seen as an expression of Tupac’s struggles as an impoverished black male from the inner city area of America. “Although this approach to the industry wasn’t one that gave him a jump start like the radio heavy songs of his competition during that era, it did hold truth and leave a mark on those that heard it.” - The Source Magazine Following a slightly ignored, but successful run in acting Tupac would produce Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z his second studio album with Interscope. This album would make it to the #2 Billboard album of 1996 almost 3 years after it was released. Hits from this album such as I Get Around and Keep Ya Head Up would reach very high posts of on the Hot 100 R&B and Pop charts. Keep Ya Head up would show a different side of Tupac and would begin to reveal the contradictions within his own life. Among Tupac’s list of hits and memorable tracks Tupac was no stranger to the law. In 1992 Shakur was arrested on charges regarding a stray bullet hitting a 6 year old during a scuffle between Shakur and two others. Ultimately, this case would be

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