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Two Holes in One What comes to mind when you think of paradise? As the world becomes more populated, technology advances, and cities expand, people from across the country have been driven to escape the stress of urban life. Not everyone is lucky enough to appreciate the beauty of nature but for those who can, Montana is tantalizing. The western state is best defined by its diverse terrain that includes the Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, and a portion of Yellowstone National Park. Amongst the snow-capped peaks are alpine hiking trails and countless rivers filled with several species of trout such as rainbow and westslope cutthroat. Many of the solitary trout fishing waters of Montana have…show more content…
On the end of the thick fly line what is called a leader and tippet is attached. As clarified by Clint Loose in his article Fly Fishing Leader and Tippet: What, Why, and How “the fly fishing leader and tippet are what provide a nearly invisible transition from the fly line to the fly.”(Loose) Aside from the advances in fly line, the material used to manufacture rods has changed drastically. What was once bamboo, today the most common material for fly fishing rods is carbon graphite fiber, although bamboo rods are still made for connoisseurs of tradition. Dave Pellar prefers the new school rods and enjoys taking advantage of the latest techniques. In modern day fly fishing, flies have adapted from feathers on a hook to complex designs using feathers, foam, wire, beads, and various other materials. Although there are countless versions, the main distinction of flies is dry or wet. Dry flies float on the surface of the water and resemble a freshly downed bug while wet flies sit below the surface and resemble a submerged bug floating downstream. It is safe to say that the wide variety of potential techniques and the complexity of the sport is partially responsible for Dave’s love for it. All trout anglers have their own personal techniques but some are well known. For example many strategic fisherman will observe what flies have been hatching at that time and they will match their artificial fly to the hatch that is currently occurring. Aside from
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