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4. Types Of Robots Robotics is a very wide and broad area, as it comprises of different fields and has been adapted by many professional bodies including defense, medicine, agriculture, automobile, aeronautics, etc. This is why there are no specific types of robots. Hence, we cannot categorically say these are the types of robots because types of robots are measured in terms of their use, functions, environment and location system they possess [14, 17, 34]. Thus, here are the basic types of robots viz: Stationary robots, wheeled robots, legged robots, Vehicle robots, Cloud robots, and Nano robots. A. Stationary Robots These are types of robots which are considered static, meaning they do not move or change position during operation. Some of them include surgical robots which are often found in hospitals. Another category…show more content…
Wheeled Robots These types of robots are said to be locomotive in nature. They change their position with the help of wheels, which make it easier for them to move from one place to another. Some of their examples include single wheel robots, two wheel, and military robots and so on. C. Legged robots These robots are considered the most complex and sophisticated when it comes to locomotion. They are also known as mobile robots as they can move from place to place on a very quick speed. They are often characterized by having legs and arms which support their movement or allow them to get up when they fall down. The most common legged robots in this category are the popular humanoid robots, military robots, and domestic or household robots [34]. D. Vehicle Robots This category of robot is considered as one of the largest of all, they include those robots which cover far distance. They have such locomotive components that could endure any kind of environment, be it rocky areas, deserts, water or even space. Example of these robots include • Space robots – ones used in the space by NASA • Flying robots – like drones, Aerial robots
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