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In the United States, people tend to put themselves into two categories; Republican or Democrat and, therefore, conservative or liberal. The typologies given by the Pew Research Center go beyond these two, basic ideologies by keeping typical conservative and liberal ideals intact, but admitting the mixed viewpoints of many Americans. As a registered independent, someone who does not define themselves with the two main parties, I was excited to see exactly where I fall on the political spectrum. What I found was not some profound pinpoint of where I stand, but more of a thinking point that pressured me to identify my typology on my own.
The typology assigned to me after taking the Pew Research Center survey was “Solid Liberal.” People under
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Also, the questions on the test only listed only the two extremes for responses. Many of my actual views were more centralized, but I was forced to choose a response with which I did not fully agree. Many of my answers ended up on the left viewpoint, which I imagine may have happened to many of the students in class. As far as my assigned typology fitting in with the class, it does, but the typology I identify with more, “Faith and Family Left,” may be less popular. I am disappointed that our class, and the campus as a whole, does not cater more diverse ideas. It sometimes seems like the school carries a liberal agenda, which can scare more conservative students away from sharing their opinion in fear of being shot down by other students. I have seen this happen as copy editor of The Weather Vane, our student newspaper. Anytime a more conservative opinion article is written, it is inevitable that an additional article will be published to bash the original. My rantings aside, I do not think that the “Faith and Family Left” typology would be a good fit for the country due to its religious aspect. I do believe that faith and politics should not mix. Despite my own values, the “Solid Liberal” typology would be best suited as the defining ideology for the United States. This would not be much different
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