Essay On US Citizenship

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U.S citizenship has a meaning much deeper than just the legal permission to live in this country; it is challenging to achieve and defines a dream of safety, opportunity, and privilege.
Due to lack of food, medicine, safety and economic stability in many countries, it can be extremely difficult to immigrate to the U.S., much less become a citizen. An article posted by the American Immigration Council states that “Immigration to the United States on a temporary or permanent basis is generally limited to three different routes: employment, family reunification, or humanitarian protection.” These three options can prove to be very difficult to access if the individual does not already have an employment opportunity or family in the U.S. Also,
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Because of this system, the people who would most desperately need to immigrate completely lack the resources to do so.
For my father’s girlfriend Isabelle and many others, U.S citizenship most predominantly means safety and refuge. Her and her son fled Mexico five years ago due to death threats from the cartel after they had murdered her husband and all the men in her family. Quickly, she went from being the daughter of a wealthy family living a privileged life, to working twelve-hour shifts below minimum wage to support her 16-year-old son. Conversations with them were inspiring to say the least -- her son managed to maintain beyond a 4.0 GPA and aspired to become a doctor, and his mother worked so hard even when she no promise of a future for the both them. Unfortunately, they were forced back to where they fled from after Isabelle got caught paying a man to marry her for their citizenship and working under a fake identity. Her son will never be able to pursue his dream and go to college, and his mother still can’t return to her home in fear of safety for the both of them. For them, U.S citizenship had been a concept they desperately held onto when in reality it was never going to become anything beyond an unachievable dream.
My father is the classic example of the famous American Dream and most would definitely define U.S citizenship as a chance of work and opportunity. He came here with my mother in hopes to provide his future family with
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