Essay On Underage Drinking And Driving

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Drunk driving is a major risk to yourself, to passengers and occupants sharing the road with you. Innocent bystanders could also suffer. Adding the risk of humans, there is also the damage to the vehicles involved and any other property into which they may crash. Drunk driving is considered a serious crime in every state. It wrong, irresponsible and destroys many lives. Many temptations are faced in college culture and one of them is underage drinking and driving. Underage drinking and driving has essentially become an epidemic, rapidly developing among today’s youth.(Kaplan) Some people don’t see underage drinking as an issue, when in fact it is a huge issue that every teenager will face. Unless we are able to put a stop to underage drinking and driving through education. Police officers look for various signs of drunk driving including, signs of impairment exhibiting by a person while driving, the signs of impairment noticeable during the “ per- Arrest screening” they approach them with his/her observation including sight, hearing,…show more content…
Sometimes you can explain that you could obtain a favorable verdict. When you plead guilty you would be handed a form by your attorney. There will be number of things you can get for a punishment. Once you plead guilty you've been convicted of the crime you can plead guilty for less-serious offense than what you are charged with, dismissal of one charge against you. Agreeing to a sentence that will not involve a high fine or license suspension. Although you can compromise there is no need to be bullied by a prosecutor. Some things you shouldn't never do as in show all your cards at once. an other thing is don’t say the “g” word, as in admitting to being guilty in court. Never make a deal on trail day until you see the officer. Make sure the deal gets
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