Essay On Unilateral Power

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the president used his powers to strong arm those who disagreed to ensure the enactment of his policy. With Congress, presidents have the ability to exercise two important kinds of agenda power when working to initiate policies which include, the ability of presidents to present policy which becomes the focal point for congressional action and the ability of presidents to exercise unilateral action as a way to alter the status quo. When one of these power moves occur, Congress is posed with a “fait accompli” which is a new presidentially made law and Congress must then respond. However, if an effective response is unable to be formed as to a decision, the president wins by default and can lead to conflict between the president and Congress. One…show more content…
However, the essential power was typically preserved and respected until recently in which presidents have made a greater use of their unilateral powers. Unilateral powers are powers that the president alone or unilaterally can invoke without the support of the legislative or judicial branches and has been used by presidents of both political parties to make policy. When this occurs, the president is less likely to recommend that Congress enact legislation but instead unilaterally enact their own policy. This development within the executive branch of government has extended the power of the presidency but at the cost of the legislative branch . This power of the president to act unilaterally has essentially gone undetected yet become a crucial point to presidential leadership allowing him to create law strictly on his own. This power is oftentimes most exhibited through the use of executive order but has also been used in proclamations or executive
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