Essay On Unocumented Equations

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First, there are different people all over the world that come from different places. What can make us so different from each other? Is it where we came from, our personality, or looks? Is it the fact that some people live in the United States or are from a different country? In Texas there are some undocumented immigrants that graduated high school. They made a speech and told everyone that they were undocumented. Just because them students said that, does it make them so different after all? Everyone should be treated equally and have a right to be educated in school no matter where you come from. Second, no one is perfect and life is not fair. If someone makes a mistake the other person should not have to suffer for their consequences. Who should take the…show more content…
Personally I do not think that is right, that woman should be able to keep them food stamps. Third, some companies are very successful and some are not. For some companies it all depends on how much the process can go up or if they will go down. There are different prices for every companies, here is one. Prices rise in the United States for oil companies.
At McKinney Boyd High School’s graduation ceremony in Texas, a student named Larissa Martinez did not give a regular speech. She told everyone there that she was an undocumented immigrant. Larissa was not the only one who stood up there to say that she was undocumented. In fact, there were two students that announced that they were undocumented immigrants. When Larissa said what her status was, there was a huge standing ovation for her. It was not easy for her to stand up there and give that speech. She had a lot of courage to go up there to reveal a secret of a lifetime. After someone else from another school heard about it, he made a post on Twitter and there were comments that were either supporting her or attacking her. Larissa described what it has been like in her life to be
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