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Urban planning is an important aspect of city life, especially in light of today’s dynamic economy and environment. With increasing levels of crime, pollution, and environmental degradation, many cities are looking for new solutions to solve these. Large influences on the ideas that are shaping urban planning today come from urban theorist, Jane Jacobs. Jacobs challenged the way urban planners, architects, urban designer and sociologist thought about cities. In order to solve “the kind of problem which cities pose”, Jacobs promotes the idea of the use of sidewalks includes three majors. It is about city sidewalk safety and sidewalk contacts. Jacobs wrote that “there must be eyes upon the street, eyes belonging to those we might call the natural proprietors of the street.” Through analyzing and observing such things as city streets and sidewalks, neighborhood parks within a city and what Jacobs refers to as “the four generators of diversity”, Jacobs has developed theories that can guide city planners, architects, urban designer and most
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Stores, bars, cafés and restaurants are necessary to attract people at night. The mixture of workplaces and residences generally assures that there are always people around keeping the streets safe with their presence. The “eyes on the street” is one of the several phrases that Jacobs coined and entered into the terminology of urban planning. She demonstrates the vitality and benefits of busy sidewalks on the basis of the street life at her doorstep in Greenwich Village. Jacobs depicts how a marvelous order for maintaining the safety of the streets is working under the seeming disorder of the city. Her description of the “sidewalk ballet” that takes place every day on Hudson Street is probably the most famous passage of
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