Essay On Urbanization In The Gilded Age

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Urbanization in America was driven by the massive unskilled immigrants who wanted jobs and an opportunity to start their new life in a country known to most as “The land of opportunity”. Urbanization have made many changes to America. The cities have become a place to look for opportunities and a popular place to migrate for work either for the people from the rural area or immigrants from outside the county. Which will then lead to political issues and finally the restriction of immigration itself. The process of Urbanization started in the late 1800’s triggered by the Industrial Revolution and Industrialization. Several factors played in the process one of which is the Gilded Age who had a crucial importance in relation to the shift from…show more content…
It has attracted many who are looking for work and a factor of a new exciting way of living. For young men from the rural areas the big cities seemed to offer unlimited job, the ability to enjoy new modern technology such as electricity, transportation, and the telephone. A popular magazine of the era pointed out “The towns are being recruited by those too poor to be able to live in the country as well as by those too rich to be willing to live there”.
Not only did people from the rural area came to look for occupation in the cities, immigrants from outside the country started coming into the country to look for new opportunities. Immigration from around the world expanded the size of the cities where most of the eleven million immigrants who arrived in the United States between 1870 and 1900 settled in cities where they were most likely to find employment. An excerpt of letter from Poland states
As to Michael, we tried by all means to persuade him not to go, particularly I told him about his journey, how it would be, and that he would be obliged to work heavily. But he always answered that he is ready to work, but he wants to get to America and be with you. As the mother was explaining to one of her son that his brother wanted to come with him and live in America. Even though it is known to be a harsh environment only for the strong and motivated, many men wanted to make a better living for themselves and their family.

In the last 30 years urbanization have
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