Essay On Urinary Bladder Cancer

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Carcinoma Urinary bladder is a disease of the environment and age. The lifetime probability of getting bladder cancer is 3.81 % in males and 1.15% in females.1 It is the second most common genitourinary cancer with the most expensive labelled cancer to care for from diagnosis, management to death. As per the Indian cancer registration data in male, it is the 9th most common cancer measuring 3.9% of total cancer cases.2 As life expectancy increases, the number of patients with bladder cancer also increases. For Bladder Cancer the median age at diagnosis was 69 years for males and 71 years for females.3 Incidence is three times more common in male than in female, and 90% of the urinary bladder
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Nowadays, with an increased meticulous use of various diagnostic techniques and methods increased health awareness in common public, many new cases of urinary bladder cancer are being diagnosed at a relatively early age.12
Despite advances in field of radiation oncology, chemotherapy, and molecular and cell biology, with genetic engineering evolution surgery continues to be the main pillar of the management of urinary bladder cancer. The initial assessment, diagnosis, and staging of urinary bladder cancer are investigated and determined with cystoscopy.
Management of the more common superficial urinary bladder cancer is by cystoscopic transurethral resection (TUR), with or without addition of intravesical cytotoxic chemotherapy and
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