Essay On Use And Value Renewable Resources

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5. Use And Value Renewable Resources And Services
We all know by now that fossil fuel is unsustainable. The best way to shift to a renewable source is to use resources and services that originate from plants, animals and the environment. It is also important to use locally sourced material as often as possible. It makes more sense to build a stone house on a rocky mountainside than on a barren plain. It's about using what we have around us to the best ability rather than be a part of a consumerist society.
6. Produce No Waste
An old idiom states one man's trash is another man's treasure. This principle is about re purposing old materials in new ways. It's about creating a closed loop system where the output of the system is fed back as
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11. Use Edges And Value The Marginal
There's two meanings to this principle. The first is to accept so called bizarre ideas, keeping an open mind to alternatives. The second is that any boundary is a place of productivity. Where the river meets the bank for example is a hot spot of biodiversity and productivity.
12. Creatively Use And Respond To Change
Climate change is one of our largest problems, which we will have to face eventually. Similarly, there are many things that exist today that may not tomorrow. Learning to adapt is vital to continue living a sustainable life.
An Example Of Using The Principles
Let's consider a bio-gas drum to supply cooking gas to a household. Observe and interact by noticing the cows feeding cycle, quantity of cow dung, location to place drum etc. Catch and store energy by storing methane to be used as fuel for cooking. Obtain a yield in the form of cooking gas, cow dung,pee and possibly dairy products.
Apply self regulation and accept feedback by learning from mistakes and limiting the quantity of your yields by needs instead of wants. Use and value renewable resources and services by using an animal based source. Produce no waste by reusing animal waste for a useful purpose. Design from pattern to detail by starting with a goal of using bio-gas and working out details like type and size of drum, piping etc as they are needed. Integrate rather than segregate by combing functions. Bio-gas
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