Essay On Vaccinations

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In today’s day and age, many health concerns that were not common years back, are increasingly rising. It is known that 20 million people are diagnosed with measles a year. But what if we could mostly prevent measles? We can, it’s called vaccinations. Doctors today offer vaccinations to their patients, to prevent diseases like measles. But why do so many people refuse them? The answer isn’t totally clear, however if children did get those vaccinations, they would be so much safer. The government should require all children to be vaccinated because kids do not get to live their normal lives with a disease, there are too many risks without it, and the disease could be contagious to other students. To begin, the first reason why the…show more content…
Overall, the idea that all children should get vaccinated should be enforced because children do not get to live a normal life with a disease.
Continuing on, another reason that the government should require all children to be vaccinated is because there are too many risks if the child doesn’t get vaccinated. A child that does not get vaccinated is at risk of measles, flu, and many more awful diseases. It is proven that unvaccinated kids are “22% to 35% more likely to contracted measles than those who are vaccinated against it”(Scholastic Parents and Children 7). These statistics show that the disease most likely will occur to an unvaccinated child, and a vaccine is the best way to prevent if. Not only are there too many risks for a child that doesn’t get vaccinated, but there are too many risks for the people around them. At the Palatine daycare center, was told to “Stay at home until Feb. 24”(Chicago Tribune 3), because there were too many risks of the children catching a disease. Lastly, there are too many risks because of the constant outbreaks happening in communities. For example, an “Anti-vaccine religious community has seen measles outbreaks”(A. Mordecai Upworthy/Gates Foundation), which means that not getting a vaccine is putting everyone in the community at risk. Overall, the government should enforce vaccines because not getting a vaccine is putting
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