Essay On Vaccines Should Be Mandatory

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I bet you didn't know that if child was contagious with the flu for 8 days, it would cost you up to seventy-three of your hourly paychecks and $300 to $4,000 in medical expenses, medicine, hospitalization, and time away from work. Child vaccinations should be mandatory before they attend school. Vaccinations should be required, because they save about 285 children every hour and 2,500,000 every year, decrease death by measles by 74%, and are “one of the safest medical products available.” ( Vaccines are a life-saving medical product to prevent diseases like smallpox, rubella, diphtheria, polio, and whooping cough. Risks are far greater than if you don’t get your vaccinations. The reason risks are far greater is because vaccines usually only have minor side effects or possible infections. Ordinarily, negative side effects are very rare. Most people who have side effects from vaccines only…show more content…
Vaccines are 90-99% effective in preventing disease. There is also a decrease the chance of an outbreak when a large portion of the population is vaccinated. Vaccination would greatly decrease sickness in largely populated areas. From 1994 to 2014, about 322 million children were prevented from childhood illnesses and 732,000 children in the United States were saved from death because of vaccines. Every hour about 285 children are saved and 2.5 million saved every year because of how successful vaccines perform against preventable diseases. Consequently, when vaccinations are given to young children and infants over two decades, it prevents 21 million hospitalizations, 332 million illnesses, and 732,000 deaths. When patients received the measles immunization, death from measles was reduced by 74%. Vaccines have saved so many lives and continue to save lives everyday. You never know if it might have saved someone important to
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