Essay On Vegetarian Lines Offered At School Lunches

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Although there are a multitude of people that would disagree to this argument, there should be vegetarian lines offered at schools lunches. Many children suffer from diabetes, and being overweight. By expiating these types of beneficence to the students, it will allow them to have more healthier choices for their situations. First and foremost, there are an abundant amount of kids in the world that need these types of meals for the sake of their health. Diabetes, overweight, and other diseases to keep them from being completely normal get in the way of what they can and can’t eat. By contributing this extra line for needy and exceptional children, this can provide a good and healthy meal for them that they may not get while at home. By…show more content…
Although most should and do, some still have trouble and eat the wrong things. With this being at school, students have guidelines with what they are acquiesced to eat. If a child can do this at school to pick what they can eat what they can’t, most likely they can in the real world.
Even though I disagree with this side of the altercation, there are plentiful amounts of people that accommodate vegan lines should not be put into school systems for children. Some say that this pointing fingers at these sickly children. Other students may make fun, and say they eat out of the “special line”. Although that could happen, what is worse? A child suffering from the food they are given at school, or a little joke that can be taken care of my corporal punishment by the school officials.
In conclusion, if a vegetarian line is offered for these children with diseases, it could help their futures and the way they eat. Proving it to a child that it does matter what goes into their bodies because of a malfunction can help in many ways. Also, by learning what to eat and what not to eat can be a positive for the
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