Essay On Vegetarianism In Life Of Pi

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In our lowest moments, it is our beliefs that pull us through the rough times. This statement most definitely stands true in Life of Pi as Pi Patel pushes his limits to survive as he drifts across the ocean with a 450 pound Royal Bengal Tiger. When the ship that the Patel family was traveling on sinks with most of their animals onboard, Pi is forced onto a lifeboat along with an injured zebra, an orangutan, and a hyena, all of which die within the first few weeks on the boat. The only animal left to keep Pi distracted from his everlasting solitude is the tiger Richard Parker which only seems to complicate his situation more as his life now holds another threat. Throughout the string of months on the lifeboat, Pi must try to keep himself and Richard Parker alive while he clings onto his beliefs. Although some of those beliefs helped him cope with his situation, he was forced to let some go in order to increase his chances of survival. In Life of Pi, three of Pi's beliefs that are challenged in the lifeboat are vegetarianism, religion, and that an animal's rules for territory in captivity are no different than an animal's rules in the wild.
The first belief that Pi held was his strong belief in vegetarianism. As a child, vegetarianism was something Pi stood strongly for and followed religiously for years. In an attempt to teach both Pi and Ravi, his older brother, the lesson that an animal will never lose it's vicious hungry nature, their father forced them to watch Mahisha,
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