Essay On Vertical Wells

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Abstract Nowadays, horizontal wells in oil industry have improved. The main reason for this improvement is that horizontal wells supply huge contact area with the reservoir, and therefore improve the oil recovery and well productivity or injectivity better than conventional vertical wells. The most problem is to identify the suitable technology that will work successfully in a specific reservoir. The selection of the most appropriate technology is a complicated process that requires the simulation of special wellbore dynamic behavior specific to horizontal wells. It is great task to build such behavior in a simulation model. This paper reviewed many papers that studied the simulation technique in horizontal wells. The simulation technique…show more content…
These studies included the entire well trip starting from seismic, drilling, completion, production and enhanced oil recovery. These studies proved that the simulation techniques in horizontal wells investigate earlier many problems that may restrict the production operation. In addition, by using simulation technique these problems could be avoided or minimized. Through this paper we tried to review many studies covered this technique. However, to review all studies in this matter need longer time. Applied simulation techniques in horizontal well Faults transmissibilites have high impact on flow patterns and pressure profile in the reservoir. (Edris et al 2008) updated fault transmissibility by using automated history matching method and matching 4D seismic predictions from the simulations to observed data. To examine the successful of the work, they feed the model with new data as observed data and compared the result with history match. The results gave good match between the model and observed data. In addition, they investigated that it’s better to use the data early when build the model rather than to added it later. (Ding, et al 2005) used simulation to characterize the actual flow through the fractures and the connections between matrix and fractures in the area surrounding the well. Based on the geological DFN model a near-well fracture upscaling built to improve the
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