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One career I have thought seriously about is being a veterinarian. The most important factor is working at a job that interests me. Other factors I have thought about are things like salary, location, and work values. Three careers I am considering are a veterinarian, zoologist and wildlife biologist, and an animal scientist. One feature that stands out for each job is working with and studying animals. A veterinarian stands out as a possible career option for me because of the salary and my interest in animals. In Pennsylvania, the average annual salary for this career is $112,950 with the starting wage of $54,840 and a high wage of $171,510 (“Veterinarians”). The range in the salary shows there’s lots of room for improvement and it’s definitely more than enough to support my needs and wants in the future. Educational requirements include graduate school, may require a master’s degree,…show more content…
The average annual salary in Pennsylvania is $57,220 with a starting wage of $31,680 and a high wage of $92,240 (“Animal Scientists”). It’s a decent salary, but I don’t see it as being enough to support my wants and needs in the future. Educational requirements for this career require graduate school, may require a master’s degree, and some require a Ph.D., M.D., or J.D. (“Animal Scientists”). I do believe I am capable of achieving the educational requirements. In Pennsylvania, there are currently 65 openings, so getting a job is likely. Knowing biology, mathematics, and chemistry are some basic skills of this career (Animal Scientists). My chemistry skills can be described as a little bit above average, but I would prefer not to work with chemistry. I personally do not think I am very likely to pursue this career because the salary is lower than I would like. It could be a possible option, but as of now I have my mind set on a different

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