Essay On Villain Or Victim?

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Payton Linder Vickery English 101 12 Dec 2014 Darwin: Villain or Victim All through history, especially the past two hundred years, different theories have tried to determine our existence and they continually have changed depending on the group creating it or researching it. The one thing that has changed is the Holy Bible, God’s written word with our complete history in it. Reading it we come to understand our existence and purpose. With that we also become aware of our gift we receive from God and that is freewill, and with freewill it gives us the option to choose what we want to believe in. Although through history there have been many individuals who have made discoveries in science which has pushed the boundaries of human thought, reasoning, and belief about the big question, “How did humans come into existence?” No matter what different theories have been made through the centuries the truth still remains the same, we were created by God in His image to go and spread the gospel. The more we attempt to spread the gospel, the more resistance and push back we get from non-believers. With the different groups, the biggest resistance we have gotten is from the followers and believers of theorist Charles Darwin and his work with the theory of evolution. Darwin, an English geologist and naturalist from the 1800’s, is best known for his contributions to science and mainly his theory of evolution. He was the first scientist to develop a believable theory of evolution by
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