Essay On Vodafone

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The Vodafone Group was launched on 1 January 1985 in the UK; where it was the first cellular network. The network’s very first call was made from London to Newbury. It was later launched in Ireland in 2001. They provide a much needed service to their consumers. I’m going to focus my project mainly on Vodafone in Ireland. Vodafone is a telecommunications company providing a range of services, including voice, messaging, data and fixed broadband. The External Environment Micro Environment Main competitors Vodafone have many competitors in Ireland. Up till a few years ago there were a few main mobile service providers such as Meteor, o2, Vodafone and 3 but lately other companies have been establishing themselves such as Tesco mobile, eMoblie…show more content…
Using this information I have concluded that the mobile network is an intangible act on a person because it is an act aimed at a person’s mind. The Profile of Their Target Customer Group Vodafone has a large market of customers in the business community, as they target them with a separate viewing page on their website, making it easy to navigate and get the best deals for companies as well as individuals. Aside from businesses Vodafone also target the 15-35 year old community with their bill pay and pre-pay plans. The Characteristics of the Service • Perishability- Most services cannot be produced or stored before consumption. This also applies to Vodafone although in store they sell phones and accessories; their primary service is to provide communication which cannot be stored. It only exists at the time it is produced • Inseparability- Vodafone’s mobile services are produced and consumer in the same location making them inseparable. Their customers have strong expectations about the quality of the service they will
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