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Who is the most famous poet? In my opinion, Walt Whitman, legendary nineteenth century American poet, takes the cake. He had many roles in his life other than poet, however (World Book 294). Growing up in West Hills, Long Island, New York as the second of nine children, Whitman had various jobs before his poetry career began (“Walt Whitman Bio” 1). His many life experiences during this time would later influence most of his poetry, which relied heavily on the common rhythms of American speech (Eikkila 1). His poetry mostly focused on America, but his own lifestyle was often incorporated into his poems as well (“Walt Whitman Bio” 2).
Walt Whitman is generally regarded as the most important American poet of the nineteenth century (“Walt Whitman Bio” 1). His poetry career took off once he was fired from the Brooklyn Eagle due to political differences with the newspaper’s owner (“Walt Whitman Bio” 2). His evolution from journalist into revolutionary poet cannot easily be explained, however, as not much was know about his literary activities at the time
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I believe that this response was when Whitman’s career really took off, as people began to actually notice his poetry. After this fated letter from Emerson, Walt decided to add about 20 new poems to the second edition of “Leaves of Grass” (“Walt Whitman Bio” 3). This began a lifelong practice of adding in new poems and revising previous poems to reflect his current feelings (“Walt Whitman Bio” 3). This practice later evolved into arranging his poems into special groupings, two notable groups being “Children of Adam” (love poems) and “Calamus” (A celebration of “manly love”) (“Walt Whitman Bio”

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