Essay On War Censorship

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Ethan Sherr
Mr. Kaufman
20, April 2017
Term Paper Rough Draft

Introduction Censorship of war information in the United States between the mid twentieth and early twenty-first centuries has changed drastically. The role, methods and freedom of the media fundamentally changed between World War II and the first Iraq War in the early 2000’s. During World War II, citizens´ options for obtaining information, in general, and especially about the war, was extremely limited. All of these options were heavily controlled and censored accordingly at the Federal government’s discretion. In contrast to this, by the time of the first Iraq War, citizens had many more ways to get information and investigate the status of the war effort. The
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Information and Censorship During World War II

A. Transmission medium
In order to understand what information the average citizen in the United States had access to, there needs to be an understanding of how a citizen obtains information. During World War II, there were just three primary mediums to extract information: radio, newspaper, and film. Each of these will be discussed individually below.

Radio Radio was a very important transmission mode. The radio’s main function was to deliver citizens the necessary information in a way that was easy to understand, while at the same time making sure the news agencies earned sufficient ratings and to profit. The radio companies had to make the radio programming easy to understand to the average citizen, because “[t]he education of many Americans had ended after freshman year in high school. (Horten, p.
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During World War II, ¨[h]undreds of short films, featurettes, and feature films were produced.¨ ( The OWI produced 267 of these newsreels between 1942 and 1946. These ¨[n]ewsreels averaged 10 minutes in length and consisted from the home front.¨(WWII UN Newsreels) These newsreels were often shown in movie theaters before the feature film, in order to make people pay attention and be completely ´informed´ about the war. A famous example of a newsreel is D-Day, about a decisive battle where the Allies invaded German controlled Europe in their campaign to liberate
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