Essay On Water Pollution

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The Problem Water Pollution In my community, water pollution can often become a very serious problem. Pollution from sewage spills, storm runoff, road salt, and The Issue The problem in my community that I chose to research is the issue of water pollution. Water pollution can start by sewage spills, storm runoff, road salt, marine dumping, oil pollution, and underground leaks. In my community these factors can combine to pollute the water, turning it undrinkable and unusable. Water Pollution Who Does It Affect? Residents: Businesses: Government: International Trade: Goods, Services, & Finances: Drinking, or even being in contact with the polluted water can make people sick. Also, a possible outbreak can start and affect the entire area.…show more content…
Positive / Negative Externalities: They are All Negative there are no positives Harm plants, animals, and humans. Businesses not able to function, therefore losing money. Diseases from pollution can spread all over the World from trade. Government can get hate, and lose followers if the "right" action is not taken Incentives: Individuals: (if they help and keep things clean) they will stay healthy and not become in contact with a potential disease. Businesses: Their business could potentially lose a lot of money if affected by the pollution. Therefore, they will try and avoid anything that threatens that from happening. Government: If the government does not help the issue, people will not be in favor and will want new people to represent the current representatives out. Externalities: (Negative) -Cost a lot of money - A lot of labor to enforce (Positive) -New and more jobs available (ex. people to put up signs, building the filter systems) -Extra business for purification businesses Criteria Necessary Work Conditions: The necessary work conditions would be having people on board with idea and every aspect that comes with it. Including the money spent on it, setting it up, and following with the plan to reduce the pollution. People will need to help as much as they can if they want any change to happen. Budget / Labor
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